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Welcome to our blog!

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We are digital nomads slow traveling the world full time, budget and bougie style! Jenn & Leon Travel Blog is for you if you enjoy relationships, history, getting to know local people & communities, are looking for travel & tourism, world culture & cuisine, digital nomadic how to's, tips, tricks & recommendations from 37 countries and counting. We also review restaurants and our Airbnb stays!

Closer Lives Emporium

Shop our inspirational range of suitcases, backpacks, phone cases, clothing, gifts exclusively designed by us with worldwide delivery. Our range also includes stylish kitchen & home gifts, stationery & office items with positive quotes, awesome accessories with powerful designs and an excellent range of fun gifts for all ages and occasions!

Jenn & Leon Travel on YouTube

As entrepreneurs and full-time slow travellers our goal is to see as much of this beautiful planet as we can! We love getting to know communities and locals around the world and through our channel we want to help and support them by sharing their culture with our viewers. By subscribing to our channel you will get notified of our latest videos as and when they land, so you will never miss out. With new videos every week, we are super excited to share our adventures from Asia in 2023.

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We plan to see, learn, love and share as much of the world with others as possible. That is why we created Closer Lives, to create a community for like-minded individuals and to help bring the world a little closer together through poetry, history, storytelling, healing, art, purpose and community.


If you'd like to join us please subscribe; our social part is still being developed but currently you are able to post, share and interact. You will also be notified of our latest blog posts, videos and receive our monthly newsletter! We'd love to have you here with us!


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