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A castle building overlooking a body of water surrounded by lush green mountains, with promotional text "Your guide to visiting Georgia"

All about Georgia (the country), aka Sakartvelo, the Land of the Kartvelians

We must confess, we did not even know that Georgia was a country prior to coming here. But we are so glad we did! We loved it so much that we actually ended up living in the coastal Black Sea city of Batumi, the country's second largest. We made a fantastic network of friends and traveled to 5 cities during our time there.


We learnt so much about Georgia and its rich and diverse history, along with plenty of great places to eat, places to stay and top tips on places to visit. Come and join us... you may just be adding this wonderful country of Georgia to your bucket list after!

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Our top recommended places

Our interactive map & guide to Georgia

Check out all of the places we visited in Georgia courtesy of this interactive map from Wanderlog. Tap any of the numbers for more information including directions, our blog posts, links to reviews and much more.

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