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We plan to see, learn, love and share as much of the world with others as possible. That is why we created Closer Lives, to create a community for like-minded individuals and to help bring the world a little closer together through poetry, history, storytelling, healing, art, purpose and community.
If you'd like to join us please subscribe; the social part is still being developed but currently you are able to post, share and interact. You will also be notified of our latest blog posts and receive our monthly Newsletter! We'd love to have you here with us!
PLUS when you sign up you will receive a welcome bonus of 20% off ANYTHING on our site! Why not use it to treat yourself to one of our exclusive products in our store. Tap here to check out our range of over 300 inspirational products at Closer Lives Emporium.

A man and a woman posing on stone steps beside a carved rock and traditional pagoda, surrounded by lush greenery.
Logo featuring the text "Closer Lives" with "Jenn & Leon travel & lifestyle" underneath, set against a black background with a white circular outline and a bright light flare.

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