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Magnifying glass focusing on a map of Asia, highlighting countries such as India and Thailand.

All about Asia: A comprehensive guide

Our first ever visit to the Asian continent began in December 2022 with a week in Japan, before going to Thailand for Christmas. We did not expect to spend a year in Asia, but we loved our experience so much that we ended up visiting 12 countries throughout 2023! We used Chiang Mai as a base to explore most of the south-east, the likes of Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia, before spending the later part of the year checking out the more central and northern areas, with Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and even China making our list. It was perhaps quite apt that we finished the year back in Japan, before we heading back home for Christmas. It was an epic year, which also included several stays in one of our favorite countries, the Philippines, and even 3 weeks in India!


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Countries visited (13)

Flag of Cambodia
Flag of China
Flag of Georgia featuring a white field with a red cross and four smaller red crosses in each quadrant.
Flag of India
Flag of Indonesia
Flag of Japan
Flag of Malaysia with a blue canton featuring a crescent and a 14-point star, and 14 alternating red and white stripes.
Flag of Philippines
Flag of Singapore
Flag of South Korea featuring a central red and blue yin-yang symbol surrounded by four black trigrams on a white background.
Flag of Taiwan
Flag of Thailand
Flag of Vietnam

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