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Collage showcasing a woman's transition to silver hair, with text overlays emphasizing the hair growth journey and embracing natural hair color.

Girls just want to have fun! Okay, well, I do. As a writer, this area of our website is my space to discuss all things fashion, beauty and cosmetics, where we address things from a pro-aging perspective. Discover confidence in transition to your authentic hair color, and / or self. Maybe you too will decide to embrace your natural authentic beauty, by ditching the dye and letting your silvers shine!

A man and a woman posing together in front of a colorful canal with traditional houses and an urban skyline in the background.

Welcome to Closer Lives

We are digital nomads slow traveling the world full time, budget and bougie style! Jenn & Leon Travel Blog is for you if you enjoy relationships, history, getting to know local people & communities, are looking for travel & tourism, world culture & cuisine, digital nomadic how to's, tips, tricks & recommendations from 40 countries and counting. We also review restaurants and our Airbnb stays!

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