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Leon Gregori

Poet & Author - Writer & Blogger - ESL Teacher

FT World Traveller - Digital Nomad

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I have been writing poetry since I was in my mid-teens and find it completely natural to express myself through written word. I am from the UK but I am now a full time slow traveling digital nomad after meeting my amazing fiancé Jenn on Instagram, as part of my journey as an author. My writing has always been unpredictable and without structure; it is freestyle from completely random moments when I feel compelled to write. My content is mainly long form and focuses on love, heartbreak and life. Check out some of my pieces below and let me know what you think, all feedback is welcome!

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My Debut Book

Out of the Shadows

from darkness to light

My book centres on genuine experiences in love, heartbreak and life. Its main focus is the understanding and healing that is needed with such intense emotions. I express in rhythmic manner leaning more towards creative writing, although poetry is the general category!

The pieces featured are presented chronologically across seven chapters. They are based on my psychological and emotional journey through life, trials and tribulations and everything in-between. They capture the turbulence and growth experienced ever since I first put pen to paper; my tortured mind and my awakening through understanding and recovery. I want to help and heal, to take my readers from darkness to light. To step Out of the Shadows!

Out of th Shadows


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What people are saying

George - Amazon

I am truly humbled and amazed at the talent of the writer of this book of poetry.  Leon's honesty and courage in his writing gives you a privileged insight into the rollercoaster of his emotions and the emotional experiences of his life so far.  He bares his soul as he takes you through the highs and lows of love and the trials and tribulations of life.  Skillfully written and inspirational. Well worth the wait.

Emfraz - Amazon

Leon Gregori takes us on a rollercoaster of emotions in this beautiful honest selection of poems. Autobiographical content of his life spread over many years means we are taken on a journey of highs and lows throughout not only his life but his life of love too. Emotion poured out onto pages in a way that has the power to make you heart warm, and tears fall. I found reading this a truly humbling read, and what a beautiful poet he is! I will always be dipping in and out of this book always for inspiration!