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Flag of England, a red cross on a white background.

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We are world traveling digital nomads currently on country number 40!

This blog is for you if you enjoy relationships, history, getting to know local people & communities, are looking for travel & tourism, culture, cuisine, digital nomadic how to's, tips, tricks & recommendations.

We travel both budget & bougie and also review restaurants and our AirBnb stays!

Since the very first time we met in person in Australia we have been scratching our travel itch!


We visited 14 countries in 2019, spent 2020 touring Canada and went on to start traveling full time in early 2021.


Our adventures began with a 6 month stay in Mexico, before spending 5 months in Georgia (the country), 3 months in Turkey and 3 months in England. Eastern Europe and Egypt followed, before we began working our way over to Japan and Thailand in Asia! We have since visited no less than 12 countries in Asia in 2023!

Check out some of our latest posts below, or keep scrolling for our destinations,

packed with useful tips, important things to know and places to see!

Top destinations

Graphic showing globe marked with Asia map, text "traveling in Asia 12 months 12 countries," over backdrop of lush rice fields.

Join us as we recount our whirlwind journey that spanned 12 countries in 12 months, chronicling the highs and lows, the unexpected delights, and the occasional challenges of traversing the vast and varied tapestry of Asia.

Asia Country Guides

Country Guides

Check out our comprehensive Country Guides with all you need to know before you go, including our latest posts, must-see places, interesting facts, and key information about health & safety, transport, local customs, cuisine, connectivity, visa information, useful links and much more!

Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia reflected in water under a blue sky, with "Cambodia" superimposed at the bottom.
An illuminated traditional Chinese pavilion and bridge in front of modern skyscrapers, with a large Chinese flag overlay at the base.
Large metal sculptures of a man and woman beside a Ferris wheel, with the word "Georgia" and the country's flag visible. clear blue sky in the background.
The Taj Mahal at sunset with "India" text overlay and a reflection in the front water canal.
Monas tower in Jakarta, Indonesia, with a tall white spire atop a symmetrical platform, surrounded by a circular patterned courtyard under a clear blue sky.
A person in traditional Japanese clothing and a large hat walks through the red torii gates at Fushimi inari shrine in Kyoto, Japan.
A collage of Malaysian landmarks featuring the Petronas Towers, a modern building with a blue dome, and the "Malaysia" logo, set against an evening sky.
View of Fort Santiago's entrance in Manila with the Philippines flag overlayed at the bottom.
Aerial view of Singapore featuring the iconic Marina Bay Sands, Art Science Museum, and surrounding bay area with text "Singapore" overlay.
A traditional Korean palace with intricate wooden architecture under a blue sky, framed by blooming pink cherry blossoms. the words "South Korea" are overlayed at the bottom.
Vibrant street scene in Taiwan featuring a bustling market with colorful signs, traditional architecture, and the Taiwan flag.
Golden buddha statue in a meditative pose with "Thailand" text superimposed, set against a vivid blue sky and lush greenery.
Terraced rice fields in Vietnam, featuring vibrant green layers with a bold red area in the center, surrounded by lush hills under a sunny sky.