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Banner showing a panoramic view of a serene lake in the Canadian Rockies with the text "your guide to visiting Canada" overlaid, and a Canadian flag graphic in the corner.

All you need to know about Canada: the Land of Maple Syrup

Discover Canada's best kept secrets and popular destinations with our comprehensive guides and recommendations on the top places to visit, along with practical tips and essential information to make the most of your trip to the world's second largest country. 

We have toured much of this vast country, embarking on a road trip from the far east (Prince Edward Island) to the west in Vancouver. Our travels have taken us to the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, New Brunswick, Ontario. Within that we have so many adventures to share from amazing spots such as Banff, Jasper, Toronto, Quebec and more! We have yet to scratch the surface of our blog backlog for Canada, but that being said, there is still plenty for you to get stuck into! Check out everything from interesting facts to plug sockets right here in this comprehensive country guide!

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