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A thanksgiving-themed promotional image showcasing three people wearing holiday printed t-shirts, representing different styles and designs.

Thanksgiving at Closer Lives Emporium

Isn't Thanksgiving such a wonderful time of year? And what better way to start the celebration than with our classy range of fun tees and tank tops, matching cushions and tea towels, napkins and much more.


Gear up for the big day in style with our themed home décor and stylish apparel.

What's even better is that our range is not only for Thanksgiving but can be for any occasion or holiday!

Logo featuring a shopping cart with the text "Closer Lives Emporium" inside a purple circle.

Our mission at Closer Lives Emporium is to create great quality products that inspire and motivate! We have an exciting range of over 300 including suitcases, backpacks, phone cases, clothing and more, all exclusively designed by us with worldwide delivery available.


Our collections also include stylish kitchen & home items, stationery & office products with positive quotes, awesome accessories with powerful designs and an excellent range of fun gifts for all ages and occasions! Thank you for checking us out!

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Positive affirmation stickers, pins and more

Bags & Backpacks

Bags & Backpacks

Over 30 exclusive designs