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Panoramic view of Angkor Wat reflected in water, with overlaid text "your guide to visiting Cambodia" and a map graphic.

All you need to know about Cambodia, the Kingdom of Wonder

One of the most incredible places we have ever visited, Siem Reap and its magnificent Angkor temples is a destination that continues to wow and inspire visitors from around the world. We knew very little about Cambodia prior to this visit; that has certainly changed now! We saw well over a dozen temples, all of which have stood the test of time and are still glorious and magnificent, despite many years of neglect. The back-breaking, painstaking restoration efforts here can be felt at every temple and it really does have to be seen to be believed. The entire Angkor site is home to over 300 temples, all of which have been re-built and opened to the public.


But Cambodia and Siem Reap is not just all about its temples and historical Khmer Empire. We also met some amazing people along the way, saw first hand the awful poverty that blights so much of the population, visited local areas including one of the famous water villages, learnt about the devastating Cambodian Civil War and tried a plethora of different foods. Stop here for a deep dive into this little-known country that holds such a phenomenal history, alongside a beautiful culture that you just will not find anywhere else!

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