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Jennifer David
A Broad Perspective

 Coach | Speaker | Writer | Author | Teacher | Digital Nomad

Life, Confidence, Management & Mindfulness Coach, Poet, Philosopher and Seeker of all things Spiritual and Ancient 

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"I'm hard pressed to find a time when I am happier than when I know I have helped guide a client or friend to lead a happier, more meaningful and purpose driven life! One that makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning!  This is magic and this is freedom." - Me

"What gets me excited?? A little bit of history mixed a little bit of mystery...(or A LOT)" - Me


"We've made a grave mistake in our humanity by continuing to place such emphasis on finding the answers when the journey is truly about the questions... the questions we seek determine the revelations we find unless of course we get redirected by the divine." -Me

"I believe strongly in the power of the pen in the healing properties of the written word and I strongly encourage everyone to discover what is truly being held with in by allowing it a way to release and reactivate our passion and purpose, the very codes in our DNA, this is best found through artist display... writing, dance, freedom and play... take my hand I'll show you the way" -Me

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I've spent much of my life seeking, learning, acquiring, questioning, experiencing and knowing I will be writing teaching and sharing this knowledge and passion... GETTING PREPARED for the right time... however I've spent a long season beyond reason in 'getting prepared'... but as most things have taught me in life... its not all about preparedness it's about trust, action and taking a leap of faith that reaps the biggest rewards...

I share my life, my story, my adventures and teachings in hopes to help inspire others to do the same.

An image showing definitions of the words "abroad," "broad," and "perspective" in text with labeled parts of speech.
Text image defining the noun "broad" as "a woman" with a description of her characteristics and behaviors, referencing an article by Susan Sismann.

I am in the process of completing my first non poetry book that will have an associated course program for those interested.  It is all of the principles, practices, knowledge and experience that has led me down the journey of life that I've followed.  These are the steps and actions I've taken that I believe have led me to have a powerful, impactful, beautiful, magical and poetic life through making bold moves and living life courageously despite the many adversities and challenges I've also had to endure.  


The quote that has always and forever stood out to me is 'Be ashamed to die until you win a victory for humanity' - Horace Mann. To some this may sound arrogant or lofty... however whatever this may be for me this is indeed part of my destiny.   Never underestimate the impact that a pebble can make... thrown into an ocean alone the reverberations can be infinitely felt, seen and known...



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