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When we began our full-time travel lifestyle we honestly did not know what to expect. YouTube was a foreign concept, and while Jenn has excellent blogging experience Leon did not. Couple that with a dream to travel, but not much of a plan beyond six months, and it almost became like an extended holiday.

That all being said, it was an 'extended' holiday of a lifetime that we spent in the marvel that is Mexico. It was towards the end of that holiday, that we really began to consider other ways of earning cash to support our journey online.

a man and woman posing for a picture on a pier
A couple takes a selfie with a traditional indian dance performance happening in the background in an ornate courtyard.

We started teaching English online to supplement our income and that all kind of halted the savings splurge. Selling all of your worldly possessions is one thing, but it certainly is not a sustainable resource if you do not add to it! So while the teaching helped, it was time and energy consuming, and was starting to feel like the 9-5 lifestyle we had so willingly vanquished in order to see the world. We had to look beyond Mexico, and answer deep questions about what we wanted to achieve here. Do we just want to live in cheaper countries? What do we do with all of the amazing places and sights we are seeing?

It was answering these very questions that led us to YouTube, blogging, and ultimately Closer Lives. With our blogging and website developing experience we were able to build this website alone, albeit with the help from Wix! After three years of traveling and research Closer Lives has manifested into a travel blog, store and poetry site with over 40k article views. Maybe miniscule compared to others, but we are still blown away that so many people have come to our site and hopefully, with our hand and our hearts, have been able to take away something useful, helpful, or even inspirational.

a man and woman on a cable car in Indonesia
a woman standing in front of a fountain with a white temple in the background

We are growing with Closer Lives and Jenn & Leon over on YouTube, and together with 25k followers combined on Instagram we are continuing to learn, travel and grow with this lifestyle. In 2023, we saw some wonderful growth on YouTube, rapidly topping 1 million overall views and ending the year with over 10k subscribers (we started with 1k). As of June 2024 we are at 13k!


We aim to reach 100 countries around the globe and will video, photo and document all that we can to deliver the best blogs and vlogs out there. 

Our blog continues to grow at a steady pace, and with this we have received several offers of collaboration.


We have joined travel app Klook's affiliate program, and also partnered with several hotels including Royal Agate Resort in Langkawi (Malaysia), Holiday Inn and Suites Jakarta (Indonesia), Movenpick Hotel (Malaysia) and most recently, Simbye e-SIM. We also partner with AdSense, and have recently implemented interactive maps from Wanderlog across our site to support our readers further. 

A collage of various company logos, including Klook, Google AdSense, Royal Agate Beach Resort, Etsy, Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts, Simbeye e-SIM, Wanderlog, and Holiday Inn.
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We are thrilled to explore potential business partnerships, sponsorships, collaborations, and ambassador roles with like-minded individuals and organizations. We both believe in the power of meaningful connections and are open to suggestions and creative freedom in order to achieve the best results!

If you are interested in exploring collaborations with us at Closer Lives, fill out the form below to provide us with some details about your organization and the type of partnership you are interested in. We look forward to hearing from you!

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