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Galata Tower Istanbul: History, Tips, and Tickets

Updated: Aug 25

The Galata Tower, known as "Galata Kulesi" in Turkish, is a historic medieval stone tower located in the Galata district of Istanbul, Turkey (Türkiye). It stands prominently on the European side of the city, offering panoramic views of the surrounding areas, including the Golden Horn, the Bosporus Strait, and the old city of Istanbul.

Aerial view of Istanbul looking at the Galata Tower, wit text saying '650 years of history'

The tower is a fine example of medieval military architecture and features a cylindrical structure with a conical cap. It stands at a height of about 67 meters (219 feet) and consists of nine floors. The lower sections of the tower are made of stone, while the upper levels are made of brick. Throughout its history, the Galata Tower has served various purposes, including as a watchtower, a lighthouse, and a fire tower. It played a significant role in the defense of the city, and as a signaling point for ships entering the Golden Horn.

A narrow street with the Galata Tower  at the end

Read on for our Galata Tower highlights, its history, and important information such as how to find it, buying tickets, opening times and more. Plus some exclusive offers from Klook, and our special Dolmabahce Palace and Galata Tower YouTube video.


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Our Galata Tower highlights

Our visit to the Galata Tower came towards the end of an action packed day, making our way from our homebase in the old neighborhood of Balat. We took a ferry from the harbor at Eminönü to Beşiktaş, taking a quick pit stop at the famous Midyeci Ahmet for some epic mussels, before heading to the incredible Dolmabahçe Palace.