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A smiling couple posing in front of the liberty square gate in Taipei, surrounded by vibrant purple flowers.

Discover your next travel destination, plan the perfect trip, find inspirational gifts or immerse yourself in our poetry and prose!

At Closer Lives, we are passionate about living life to the fullest. Through our online store and travel blog we aim to bring you closer to the world around you. We believe that life should be lived with a sense of adventure; we are passionate about inspiring people to explore the world, discover new cultures and get out of their comfort zone.

We also share on YouTube and Instagram for inspiring visuals alongside thought-provoking poetry, another big passion of ours. Be it planning a trip, hunting for a cool gift, or simply just looking for inspiration, we believe Closer Lives will have something for you!

Welcome to our travel experience & guide blog, where we share our experiences from our full-time travels around the world. We have already explored 40 countries and our vision is to reach 100! We want to help you plan your vacation, or long term travel plans, and see the best destinations. Or simply just enjoy the journey with us!

We include facts, things to do, food & cuisine and even accommodation recommendations. Our goal is to make Jenn & Leon Travel Blog a one-stop place for all you need to know about where you want to go!

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We love getting to know communities and locals around the world through travel and tourism. Join us as we explore culture, cuisine, accommodation, landmarks and attractions with both budget and bougie options on YouTube! We are 2 writers, bloggers and photographers who first connected on Instagram through our poetry. We met for the first time in Australia for a Royal Caribbean cruise, going on to visit 14 countries in 2019. After spending 2020 in Canada we left it all behind in April 2021, selling up and heading for Mexico. Our YouTube channel launched in August 2021!

A couple posing in front of the liberty square gateway in Taipei with overlaid text celebrating the city as incredible.

As entrepreneurs and full-time slow travellers our goal is to see as much of this beautiful planet as we can! We love getting to know communities and locals around the world and through our channel we want to help and support them by sharing their culture with our viewers. By subscribing to our channel you will get notified of our latest videos as and when they land, so you will never miss out. With new videos every week, we are super excited to share our adventures from traveling in Asia throughout the entirety of 2023.

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A man and a woman posing together on stone steps near a traditional Asian pagoda and carved rock sculptures with plants around.

We plan to see, learn, love and share as much of the world with others as possible. That is why we created Closer Lives, to create a community for like-minded individuals and to help bring the world a little closer together through poetry, history, storytelling, healing, art, purpose and community.


If you'd like to join us please subscribe; our social part is still being developed but currently you are able to post, share and interact.


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Collage of three young adults in stylish outfits, with the text "emporium | store" at the bottom center.

Closer Lives Emporium

We launched our store in 2021 and have since grown our range to over 300 products across 16 categories. Our travel gear includes designer suitcases, back packs and matching swimwear and stylish weekender bags! We also have a fantastic range of inspirational tees, stylish hoodies, stationary, homeware, phone cases and more - all exclusively designed by us.

Plus we can deliver worldwide!

A couple sitting on a beach at sunset

Poetry & Lifestyle

We are both published authors and poets and as you may have already seen, met on Instagram via a live poetry reading! We are passionate about our words and our community and have worked on numerous projects including building a large Instagram community poetry page, which has manifested into the Closer Lives website you see here today!

We write about a range of topics but predominantly focus on love, heartbreak, spirituality, positivity and general life. Our aim is to inspire all of our readers and continue to share the power of the written word. 

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