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Welcome to Jenn & Leon in Awesome Australia! We are a travel blog documenting our adventures and discoveries from all around the world. We first met online on Instagram and after a few months of talking decided to take the plunge by traveling to Australia to meet in person for the first time. We have had some incredibly unique experiences as we took a Royal Caribbean cruise from Sydney to Vanuatu, New Caledonia and then back to Australia again. On our blog, we provide a mix of facts, history, our love story, and of course, lots of pictures! We invite you to follow our journey and see the world through our eyes.

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Here are a facts about Australia that may surprise you!

 Australia is the smallest continent in the world and is home to 14 countries. The country of Australia is one of the largest in the world.


 If you like golf, then Australia (the country) is the place to visit. It is home to the world's largest golf course, at a staggering 850 miles long!


In some parts of the world, in particular Asia, Australia the continent is often referred to as Oceania. In Western culture, Australia was adopted in the 1950's as it is the only country of the continent land mass itself. Oceania is mainly used to encompass the entire insular region between Australia and the Americas, made up of some 10,000 islands.


 Australia's population as a whole is estimated to be around 39.3 million. The continent spans 3.3 million square

miles (8.6million sq km)


The main languages of Australia are English and the Australian Aboriginal Languages. English is spoken by over 75% of the entire population.


 The country of Australia is almost the same size as the United States mainland.


 Fraser Island in Australia is the largest sand island in the world.


✓ There are over 10,000 beaches in Australia the country. Even if you were to visit one per day, it would take 29 years to see them all.


✓ Australia's deserts are home to over 1 million camels, the largest number of purebred camels in the world. Many people associate camels with the Middle East, which Australia actually exports to!

✓ There are 60 wine producing regions in Australia, producing over 1.3 billion tonnes every year.


✓ Kangaroos are synonymous with Australia and there are actually 60 different breeds of them. A baby kangaroo literally only measures 2cm at birth, but can grow to 8ft tall!


✓ Australia invented the world's first seatbelt law for driving in 1970.

✓ Australia is home to 19 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


✓ Australian Aboriginals are the oldest culture on Earth today.

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