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Fun facts & things to know about Thailand

We landed in Chiang Mai, Thailand on Christmas Day 2022 and established a semi-permanent home in the beautiful Doi Saket area for nearly 6 months! We have explored much of this fascinating country, visiting Chiang Rai, Phuket, Pattaya, Pai and of course the capital, Bangkok. We also used Thailand as a base from which to discover even more countries in southern Asia, heading to Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia.


We have seen so many temples, shrines, markets and more and we look forward to sharing it all with you! Plus find our important travel tips and essential things you need to know if your thinking of visiting, or potentially emigrating to Thailand.

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Introduction to Thailand

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Did you know...

Here are a few facts about Thailand that may surprise you!

✓ Thailand is known as the 'land of 100 million scooters'. You will not need to be here long to realise that is very true. Indeed over 80% of Thai households own at least one bike or scooter. 

✓ The Thai capital of Bangkok is home to the longest city name on record, not that many people outside Thailand can actually recite it. At a whopping 93 letters, maybe you could try it -