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Sublime South Korea: Take a trip to the 'country of morning fresh'

We take you on an adventure to Seoul as we travel to South Korea for the very first time. Our complete guide to South Korea includes interesting facts, top destinations, our latest blogs and videos, and all you need to know before you go with stats, currency, health and safety, transportation, connectivity, food, customs and much more. So join us on our first ever tour of this amazing country!

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Introduction to South Korea
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Here are a few facts about South Korea that may surprise you!

✓ Hallyu Wave: South Korea has been a significant influence in the global entertainment industry. K-Pop, K-Dramas, and Korean films have led to the Hallyu Wave, spreading Korean culture and entertainment worldwide.


✓ Fast Internet: South Korea boasts some of the fastest internet speeds globally, with high-speed internet readily available throughout the country.


✓ Innovative Technology: It is home to tech giants like Samsung and LG, leading the world in technological innovations and producing a wide range of electronic devices and products.


✓ DMZ (Demilitarized Zone): South Korea shares a border with North Korea, and the Demilitarized Zone is a buffer zone between the two nations. It's a unique and tense area, attracting tourists and symbolizing the division of the Korean Peninsula.

✓ Cuisine: Korean cuisine, such as kimchi, bulgogi, and bibimbap, is popular globally for its unique flavors and healthy ingredients. The communal style of dining, with many side dishes, is a significant aspect of Korean meals.


✓ Hanbok: The traditional Korean clothing, Hanbok, is a vibrant and elegant attire with specific designs and colors for different occasions and social statuses.


✓ Gaming Culture: South Korea has a significant gaming culture, particularly in eSports. It's home to many professional gaming teams and hosts global gaming tournaments.


✓ Seoul: The capital city, Seoul, is a bustling metropolis that beautifully blends modern skyscrapers with historic sites like Gyeongbokgung Palace and Bukchon Hanok Village.


✓ Taekwondo: A martial art that originated in Korea, Taekwondo is not only a form of self-defense but also a competitive sport, embodying discipline and respect.


✓ Education System: South Korea has a highly competitive education system that places significant emphasis on academic achievement. It's known for its rigorous education standards.


✓ Jeju Island: Known for its natural beauty and distinct volcanic landscapes, Jeju Island is a popular tourist destination. It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a favorite spot for honeymooners.


✓ Rapid Development: South Korea has undergone remarkable development in a short period. It transformed from a war-torn country in the 1950s to one of the world's most advanced economies in just a few decades.

Did you know

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Things to know when visiting South Korea

Things to know when visiting South Korea

Here are a few stats and tips that we picked up in our time here. Let us know if there is anything we should add!



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