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All you need to know about Georgia
(the country)

We must confess, we did not even know that Georgia was a country prior to coming here. But we are so glad we did! We loved it so much that we actually ended up living in the coastal Black Sea city of Batumi, the country's second largest. We made a fantastic network of friends and traveled to 5 cities during our time there. We learnt so much about Georgia and its rich and diverse history, along with plenty of great places to eat, places to stay and top tips on places to visit. Come and join us... you may just be adding this wonderful country of Georgia to your bucket list after!

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Introduction to Georgia

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Did you know

Did you know...

Here are a few facts about Georgia that may surprise you!

 Georgia is said to be the home of wine with evidence of wine production dating as far back as 8000 years! 


 One of the most ecologically diverse countries on the planet, Georgia is home to 12 different climate zones.


The world’s deepest cave, Veryovkina, is in Georgia. It has a depth of 2212 metres!


Locals refer to Georgia as 'Sakartvelo'. They also call themselves 'Kartveli'.

Joseph Stalin was born in the Georgian city of Gori.


The city of Kutaisi is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world.


The Georgian language dates back to the 4th Century BC and is not spoken anywhere else in the world. There are 33 characters and no upper case letters at all.


✓ January 2 is known as Bedoba, the day of luck. In ancient Georgian tradition it is believed that how you spend the day is believed to determine your entire new year.


Georgia celebrates Christmas on January 7th, in keeping with the Julian calendar used by the Orthodox Church. This calendar is only used for public holidays, although the New Year is celebrated on the 1st of January, as well as the 14th of January.


In Georgia Dada means Mum and Mama means Dad! No, we are not kidding!

Latest Posts

Latest Posts

Things to know when visiting Georgia

Things to know when visiting Georgia

Here are a few stats and tips that we picked up in our time here. Let us know if there is anything we should add!

Total Population: 3.7 million

Capital City: Tbilisi (1.1million)

Currency: Georgian Lari (GEL)

Driving: Right Side

Measurement Standard: Metric (km)

 The Georgian currency is 'lari'. Convert your currency here.

 Smoking is acceptable in most public spaces, including while walking. 

 Taxi's are a fantastic way to get around the major cities and are very affordable. We highly recommend Bolt and Bolt Food. The service is generally excellent, although zip / post codes are not always totally reliable.


 Tap water is generally not drinkable in Georgia.


 Tipping is appreciated in most establishments although there is no general minimum amount. Aim for 10% or more. Remember that 'service charges' (which are common) do not go to the staff so a direct tip is the best way to go.


✓ The regions of South Ossetia (north of Tbilisi) and Abkhazia (bordering Russia and the Black Sea) are not safe to visit and are under Russian occupation. 


 Google / Apple Maps are not always entirely accurate in Georgia.


 Magti is the top sim card provider for tourists and you can find their stores pretty much anywhere. You will need your passport, and you should be ready to go very quickly. They are also very affordable; roughly $10 USD for a month with an unlimited 4g data plan. They have a great phone app too and topping up is very easy.


Driving in Georgia can be a pretty harrowing experience; Georgia has one of the worst records amongst its peers for road traffic accidents. Lack of signalling, speeding, dangerous overtaking and a lack of road safety controls make it pretty difficult. If you do choose to drive here, it is very important to remain vigilant and highly observant.


Georgia is very safe and in all our time here we did not experience any issues. In fact it was recently rated the 7th safest country in the world. We would however recommend avoiding political conversations with locals (unless asked) given the country's troubled past.


✓ Almost all retailers accept payment with major cards (Visa / Mastercard) and we never had an issue with payments in the cities we visited. It is still recommended to bring cash with you though, especially if you are heading to the mountains or more obscure areas.  


There is a fantastic range of cuisine in Georgia, ranging from local food to many popular Western brands. Georgians are fiercely proud of their national dishes and we would highly recommend them!


✓ In some places lifts / elevators are operated by coin! You cannot use them without, unless you have a fob, so be prepared to have small change on you, especially if visiting somewhere for the first time.

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Discover more on YouTube