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Jenn & Leon at Fatih Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey
Jenn & Leon at Velvet Cafe, Balat, Istanbul, Turkey
Jenn & Leon Istanbul, Turkey
Jenn & Leon Tora
Jenn & Leon Alux
Jenn & Leon Pottery
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About Us

We were both recovering heart broken poets on Instagram (cliché we know but it's true) in Feb. 2019, where we met and found a fairytale of a relationship (funny how the universe likes to do these things right!?). Jenn lived in Canada and Leon was in England. As Jenn once wrote, love may not always move mountains but it can certainly cross seas!

We've shared us physically meeting for the first time in Australia for a Royal Caribbean cruise and our story from there with our followers, fans and friends on Instagram. It was a pretty natural and unintentional thing for us to do really, especially after both being quite active members of the poetry community on there prior (yes there is such a thing!).

Jenn & Leon at Turk Art Restaurant, Istanbul, Turkey.jpg
Jenn & Leon Travel at Dolmabache Palace, Besiktas, Istanbul, Turkey.jpg
Jenn & Leon Travel at Galata Tower, Istanbul, Turkey.jpg

We got engaged at Aphrodite's Rock in Cyprus after four months and a previous one month long date (imagine a first date lasting one month and covering 5 countries, needless to say we got to know each other QUITE well!). We then celebrated our engagement in Paris, France. Yes, it's actually been THAT magical! We can't tell you how many border/customs agents have swooned over our story. Except that first time when Jenn flew to England from the cruise on a separate flight from Leon as it was unplanned; she was supposed to stay cruising and go to Bora Bora, Tahiti and Hawaii; in our haste Jenn forgot to get Leon's home address, and he was in air when she needed it and she was questioned as to why she didn't know her boyfriends home address and why she was there when he wasn't even in the country yet!!! SO MANY travel stories and tips to tell - that is for sure!

Jennifer Jones & Leon Gregori at the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France.jpg
Jenn & Leon at Turk Art Restaurant, Istanbul, Turkey.jpg
Jenn & Leon at the Steam Whistle Brewery, Toronto, Canada.jpg

Who are we?

Jennifer Jones at the John Rylands Library, Manchester, England.jpg

Jenn is a former blogger in her 40's, has spent much of her life raising children (both her own and others) and is the founder of many projects. She is a former funeral director and a certified death, life, confidence and mindfulness coach. Jenn could be a perpetual student of the humanities and is a big fan of culture and astrology (she's a Scorpio). She abides by the rule of living life to the fullest and finding ones true calling and purpose in life, through manifestation and the power of belief. Oh and she is a big fan of cuisine (who isn't!) She is also the intense but laid back one).

Leon is in his 30's (he's a cancer), has never married and has no children (prior to meeting Jenn and her famjam). He formerly worked in retail and antiques / reclamation in the UK before leaving it all behind to join Jenn in Canada. Leon is a published author, fan of Brandy, KFC and SUBWAY and loves history, architecture, football - Arsenal), pool, technology, and politics. He is also the polite but particular one!

Leon Gregori at the John Rylands Library, Manchester, England.jpg

For more on our adventures check out Jenn & Leon Travel on YouTube

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