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GLOSSY, a poem by Jennifer Jones

Updated: Mar 21

Who else remembers the old magazines that promised you could learn how to: lose 15 pounds in 5 days, become sexier in 5 days, cook the meal to his heart and all the old school how to’s that were aimed at superficialities (and for women to be ‘better’ for men)!? I certainly do. And who else tried and failed and felt like a failure because of it? Don’t be superficial. Don’t believe everything you read. And definitely don’t judge a book by its cover! Search for truth, depth and meaning in all things. Use your judgement and trust your intuition. Step into your power but don’t abuse it

woman's hand on top of open magazine with text showing and her nail polish has magazine written on it as well
The Power of Media

Written in February 2015 GLOSSY

She learns how to become a cook

How to become a runner

Promises on how to become a better lover

All from skimming the cover..

She falls for it

She tumbles

Stumbling on the shoe strings

Of her sneakers

That in reality just make her meeker

And shall I even say bleaker?

Like a beacon of society that says

Here I am..

Look at me…

I take notice

I read the cover

She takes all of the quizzes

And wonders why

Reality fizzes

In comparison

To the predictions

She flips the pages

Creating rages inside her

Tormented with confusing desire

For the quick fixes

Creating instantly airbrushed wounds

On her soul




Will reassure her

Of her

Reassure her

Of the beauty that radiates inside her

Not created from airbrushed strokes

Or trite words from know it all folks

It’s the discovery she must find

Inside her own mind

And let go

Of the societal precedent she knows

To exude the light

And fight for the plight

Of discovering who she is

Because no cover can truly

Teach you to be a better lover

Or to put others needs before your own

And if you claim you can attain

It all from skimming the cover

You need to discover

The true meaning

Of depth

© Jennifer Jones 2023

Thank you for reading and for your continued support!

Please leave a like or comment if you enjoyed this piece and let me know your thoughts on this subject...have you ever felt similar pressures? If so how have you dealt with them?